Weed and Algae Treatments – 2017

To all Property Owners:

This is a notification that the next weed spraying on the lake will be on Tuesday, July 11th.  We will be spraying for Milfoil, Pond Weed, Algae, Water Lily and Cat Tails on this application.  They plan on utilizing an air boat in the spray application to allow access to the shallower portions of the lake.  Please make sure that your watering systems are turned off prior to the applications and that you read the requirements on the posted notices around the lake.  The spray company will post the notifications around the lake indicating water use requirements for people and pets swimming in the lake as well as how long to avoid using water from the lake for vegetation, etc.

In the event there is a change in the schedule, we will attempt to notify you via email.

We hope this information is of value to you in planning your activities and watering requirements.

Thanks very much for your cooperation.

Lake Bel-Air Weed Committee
Karl Hermann and Steve Sczytko