Water Quality & Dam Level Control

Committee Members:lake1

  • Gerry Brown

This committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining strong relationship with the Hillsdale County Drain Commission to ensure that the Lake Bel-Air dam remains in proper functioning order. Working with the Drain Commission, the Dam Committee monitors the dam for leaks and repair issues, observes lake levels to ensure compliance with the pre-established maximum and minimums established by court order, as well as ensures that flow impedance does not occur.

The Dam Committee also has oversight of the boat launch area and oversees the fencing, maintenance, and upkeep.The County Drains Inspector is responsible for raising and lowering the water levels in our lake which are set have been set by the Hillsdale County Circuit Court at 1,108.0 feet (U.S.G.S. datum) above sea level.  The flood plain level is defined by elevation as 1,1110 (U.S.G.S. datum) as set by the Michigan Water Resources Commission in accordance with Section 117 of Act 288 of Michigan Public Acts of 1967.  This means that the floodplain is 2 feet above the set level for our lake.

Please do not approach the Drains Inspector directly about water levels, but approach the Committee Members if you have any queries concerning this issue