Planktonic Algae

It has come up again this year and we wanted to remind people of what the green water is that is appearing in the lake.  See the comment below from our Vegetation Contractor.

What you are seeing is planktonic algae that has collected wherever the wind and water currents blow it.  It’s not uncommon to see planktonic algae blooms this time of year and even through the fall. They usually occur when the water starts to turn over due to colder nights. Nutrients that have been trapped near the bottom get brought up in the water column and the free floating algae quickly take advantage of it.  Sometimes you will see areas of the shore where they collect but it usually only lasts a few days until it disperses. In other cases the whole lake may take on a greenish color until the bloom subsides. It is impossible to control unless we did a lake wide algae treatment which is neither permitted nor recommended.  The blooms are typically comprised of green algae which pose no health risks

Karl Hermann and Steve Sczytko