News About the Dam – 2017

Duane Chase believes it is important to let everyone know about an incident that occurred on July 4th at the dam.   The Board President Duane Chase noticed that a board had come loose on the north section of the dam at the bottom.  It was allowing a lot of water flow to come under the boards on that side.  Duane called a few of the residents on the lake and they all met at the dam immediately following the July 4th boat parade.  As they were trying to determine what the next steps would be, all of the boards from that section popped out and a significant flow of water was rushing from the lake.  Duane called the Dam Commissioner and he was on holiday in route home but would not be able to do anything for quite a while.

Four members of the lake decided to take quick action to halt the significant flow thru that part of the dam.   Duane Chase, Mike Gustitus, Rick Gibson and Steve Sczytko worked quickly to cut and install temporary boards in the breached section and had to place a tarp over the section in order to impede the flow.  So if you were out on the lake boating, tubing, etc. and noticed people working on the dam, that was what was going on.  We think the quick action of the Board President stopped a significant drop in the lake water as thousands of gallons of water were already flowing thru the breach.  Without the repair, the lake level would have dropped as much as four feet in a short period of time.

The Dam Commissioner arrived on July 5th at 7:30AM to make a more permanent repair.   He indicated that because of the break he would be ordering a complete replacement of all the boards in the dam.   We are not sure when that will occur or what will be the impact on the lake level when he makes the change out.