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For a copy of the Lake Bel Air Property Owners Building Covenants click here

For a copy of the Lake Bel Air Property Owners building Covenants Addendum click here.



If any Lake Bel-Air resident proposes to do any new exterior temporary or permanent construction or renovation the resident must contact the Building Committee to determine if the said construction falls within the guidelines of the Lake Bel-Air covenants. The covenants mainly deal with setbacks, height, etc. for outside construction on all property.

The Building Committee implements the covenant restrictions fixed in the covenant attached to each property’s title deeds. Compliance with the covenantal regulations is fixed by law.

The Building Committee is responsible for issuing the resident a building permit for any construction or renovation.

Examples of construction or renovation requiring Lake Bel-Air Building Committee approval include (but are not totally inclusive of):

  • garages, sheds, gazebos, lean-tos
  • Decks, patios,, awnings
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs
  • Fences
  • Any concrete work such as driveways, fire pits, etc.
  • Building additions, sunrooms, four-season rooms, etc.
  • Porches

After being issued the certificate, the resident should contact the Adams Township Zoning Administrator (517-250-0201) and also the Hillsdale County Building Inspector (517-437-4130), for their respective permits of approval or denial. The Township or County scope of jurisdiction is much more detailed and broader than that of the Lake Bel-Air property covenants. As with any governmental agency all construction, both inside and outside falls within their permitting processes.

The Building Committee suggests that even if your new construction does not need to go before the lake Building Committee, that as a matter of good relations and courtesy you inform the Adams Township Supervisor.

Name: Fred Fowler
Title: Supervisor
Address 1: 3891 Mauck Rd.
City: Hillsdale
State: MI
Zip Code: 49242
Phone: 517-437-7023