Upcoming Lake Events


calendarLake Board Meeting - Wednesday, March 15th -cancelled/rescheduled

Ladies' Luncheon - Thursday, March 30th @ 12:00pm

Garage Sale - Saturday, May 13th 

Third Annual Fishing Derby - Saturday, June 17th

                                             Boat Parade - Tuesday, July 4th @ 5:00pm

                                             Annual Property Owners Association Meeting - August 5th @ 2:00pm

What’s New?

Lake and Water Updates/Unwanted Gold Fish - Added 2/27/2017

2017 January Meeting Minutes - Added 2/26/2017

Water Quality and Dam Level - Updated 2/23/2017

Want Ads - Updated 2/23/2017

Social Committee Events - Added 2/12/2017



Welcome to our lake. We are a community of 119 homeowners. Some of us live here permanently. Many of us live in Ohio and other parts of Michigan and come to the lake from time-to-time for recreation. If you are new to the lake, please contact the head of our Welcome Committee, Kathy Knight, via the Contact Form on this website.

Lake Bel-Air is a private lake with boat access limited to property owners and their immediate family. You will also find the By-Laws and a copy of the Perpetual Covenant posted on this website. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these documents. Also posted are board meeting agendas and minutes, general announcements, information about weed control and treatment dates, news about fish species and stocking as well as other wild life information. The What's On and the Clubs and Organizations Sections will give you direct links to websites that are automatically updated so you will always stay current on things to do locally. Please make this website your website of first choice for the area.

This is YOUR website! Please send us photos of your lake activities as well as articles that you think will be of interest to other residents. We will post them on this website. You will see many gaps in the information displayed on the site. This is because the site is in development. We would appreciate any information that you can send us to fill these gaps! Please use the Contact Page to reach us.

We encourage you to take an active part in the affairs of the lake by attending Board Meetings and by giving us your suggestions and opinions. In order to extend our outreach to you, please send us your e-mail address, either directly via the above Lake Bel-Air e-mail address, or via the contact form on this site.